Bacuview -- a Bacula Status Monitor

The Bacuview application provides a web-based view into the status of a Bacula backup system. Views are provided for the status of the jobs, the clients, the media, and the pools of the system.

Bacuview was developed in surprisingly short order thanks largely to the use of the Ruby on Rails development framework and the Ruby programming language. The Bacuview application is generously hosted at RubyForge, where the project is available for download.

If this sounds like something that you might find useful, you can take a look at the news and ChangeLog files, and review the installation notes prior to getting started.

The Job View

The most useful view into the status of a Bacula system is provided by the Jobs view, which will initially show the completion status of all jobs that have been scheduled during the current day.

The "Jobs..." links along the left of the page are sticky, so you can get a list of all "bubba" jobs run in the last month by selecting the appropriate "Job..." links in any order.

The contents of the jobs table can be sorted by clicking the links in the column headings of the table. Sorting on the same column multiple times will toggle the sort order. The current sort column is indicated by a black bar under the column header.

Clicking the "Job Id" link for a job will provide a more detailed view of the information available for that job. One of the more useful features of this page is that it provides an easy way to find out the media volumes that are used by a job. Clicking the "Job Name" link will provide a summary of the last backups of the job.

The Media View

The Media view shows the current status of all the media volumes registered with Bacula, as well as some information about the pool to which each volume belongs. As with the Jobs view, the Media table can be sorted by clicking the links in the column headers, with a more detailed report on each volume available by following the link that shows the label of the volume.

The Client View

The Client view shows what information is available on each of the clients that are registered with Bacula. If you've enabled Javascript support in your web browser, you can also perform a quick status check on any of all of the clients by clicking the "OK?" column. The page detailing the information on a particular client is provided for consistancy, even though it supplies no additional information.

The Pool View

The Pool view summarized the pools available for backups. Its primary value is as a way to select one of the detailed views of a particular pool, where a great deal of information is available.

John Kodis